(noun) • /kə.lekˈtɪv.ə.t̬i/

The experience or feeling of sharing responsibilities, experiences, activities, etc.


collectivity consulting is a research-based social enterprise consultancy contributing to co-learning and performance in the workplace.

We live in an increasingly connected world; however, individuals are increasingly polarized and divided on issues, lacking the ability to connect with diverse narratives that may be in conflict with previously established organizational cultures and individual identities, values, beliefs, and opinions.

Working to bring the latest research to public and private organizations, we assess and align organizational goals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to transform organizational cultures, empower individuals, and achieve social sustainability through engaging learning experiences.



Our services include: conducting workplace learning research projects; conducting learning needs assessments and analysis; creating learning program strategies; instructional design; creation and review training materials; development of evaluation tools and metrics for learning programs; project management of internal and external subject matter experts, stakeholders, and vendors; and more.


Our specialized facilitation services provide organizations and individuals with two options:

1) provide practical methodologies for managing the engagement or meeting processes to ensure accountability and participation in an effective way that creates desirable outcomes; and

2) plan/assist in planning the engagement or meeting and act as an external facilitator to ensure accountability and participation in an effective way that creates desirable outcomes.


Our interactive and transformational trainings are developed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client and can be developed across organizational structures and individual career, from executive leadership to front-line staff to external stakeholders. Trainings can be developed for face-to-face, blended, or remote delivery.


Our presentations are based on our research, and our research-driven initiatives and past case studies, which provide participants with insight into the latest in workplace learning, impacts of learning on organizational culture, empowering individuals, and social sustainability.


Jason A. Kingsley, MEd


Chief Learning Strategist


“Approaching any situation with a lack of expectation for differing views and emotions does not honour the gift of learning one receives”

Jason A. Kingsley